Spectacle Warehouse uses quality optical lenses manufactured to the highest standards

On-site Laboratory – Q2100 and NanoClear Anti Reflex Coating
We use state of the art Lens Casting technology, with free form moulds, which manufacture supreme quality optical lenses. This technology has won two Colt Awards in America – www.opticaldynamics.com

Get the lenses that will suit your prescription and lifestyle best:

  • Thinner lenses for high prescriptions
  • Light weight lenses for greater comfort
  • No ugly reflections by using anti-reflex coatings
  • Safe-to-wear with polycarbonate
  • Changing colour as you go
  • Polaroid for water sport

Our on site laboratory delivers 70% of prescriptions within the same day.

New STYLIS Transitions V – with ESP

  • The flattest, thinnest and lightest organic lens available in the Essilor Transitions range.

New AIRWEAR Transitions V – with ESP

  • Airwear is made using the very best of Essilor’s technology and gives every wearer the lightest and toughest lens. A lens to suit all eyes … and lifestyles!


  • Enhances light transmission in the clear state
  • Repels water, oil and dust

Lenses are less sensitive to smudge and much easier to clean.


The ultimate reference in progressive lenses:

  • The most advance progressive design based on physiological unique approach
  • 45 years of expertise and innovation
  • Over 300 million lenses sold
  • We also have great options for those over 40