Who may benefit from Colorimetry?

In many instances efforts to assist the under achiever at school can be frustrating and result in limited success. There are cases where a child can benefit tremendously by wearing spectacle lenses, tinted to a specific predetermined colour. Whilst colorimetry is by no means a magic cure, there are instances when it can provide great, even amazing results in class room performance.

Individuals suffering from visual perceptual distortion affecting mainly reading and writing based activities, may be colour sensitive. These people have to put more effort and energy into the reading task because they see the printed page differently from the “good reader”. Constant adaption to distortion of the print and the process of viewing black print on white paper, can produce symptoms of visual discomfort, distortion of text, headaches, and limited concentration and comprehension.

The intuitive colorimeter, is a machine utilized to determine the preferred colour for an individual by optimizing the hue, brightness and saturation.

The symptoms given above can be relieved by the use of specific coloured filters which are spectrally modified so that they are beneficial to those who are inefficient readers, and may reduce symptoms of those suffering from eye-strain, headaches, migraine and psychosomatic symptoms induced by stress of reading and close work activities.

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