You need more than one pair

Horses for courses – you probably need another pair

When your optometrist suggest another pair of glasses you had better believe it!

One pair of spectacles can NEVER meet all your visual needs especially once you are over forty years old. Correcting near vision has everything to do with working distance and near task require a multitude of different working distances. For example:

  • Newspaper: 50cm
  • Crochet: 20cm
  • Computer: 20 – 50cm
  • Reading: 40cm
  • Building plans: 60 -70 cm
  • Tying a fly: 12cm

One pair of specs can never meet all your visual needs.

Eye wear for all activities
Having the correct prescription for a particular task can dramatically enhance performance and comfort. Vocation will also dictate the best choice of visual correction. For example, the following situations require special corrections:

  • Aeroplane cockpit
  • Scuba diving
  • Fly fishing
  • Bird watching
  • Engraving
  • Surgeon
  • Computer screen
  • Golf course

The best correction for the office is not going to be the best correction for the golf course. Almost always, the computer screen needs a specific prescription to cater for the screen which will always be further than a “normal” reading distance.

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